My name is Alessandro Mingione. I am a self-taught interaction designer trained in the dark art of type design.

Currently I am a product designer at Palantir in Palo Alto, where I worked on Palantir Raven, Palantir Graph, and Palantir Foundry.

Previously I co-founded ALA, a non-profit for education through contemporary art. We organize workshops where students and artists work together to experiment new education paradigms based on active collaboration.

I like to be involved in every stage of the design process: from ideation and prototyping to code, to the tiny pixel, to the typographic flourish.

In the shower I think about how we can use design with purpose, education, and ramen.

*   *   *

I blah blah blah on Twitter @sonovawolf
I make fun of foodies at post-foodie
I post eye-candy on Dribbble
I seek knowledge on Quora
I share code on Github
I'm available for mentoring via /mentoring
And my 📧 is thisisalessandro@gmail.com